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Before choosing your self storage facility consider the following points.
What size storage do i need?
Use this this space estimator to find out what size storage unit you will need.  Then call us or our preferred suppliers to discuss what layout is appropriate for your belongings.  
If you have non-stackable items you may want a larger square meter layout.
Unit sizes and what they can hold (estimates only)
10 cubic meters = contents of 1 bedroom 20 cubic meters = contents of 2 bedroom unit 30 cubic meters = contents of 3 bedroom home
How long are you looking to store?
If there is a possibility that you may need the unit for a shorter or longer period of time, ask how flexible and accommodating the storage company is?
Do I need 24 hour 7 days access or just during business hours ?
If you are a small business and need access to your belongings frequently, then you may want to get a ground floor storage unit or one that is close to the lift.
Are there any promotional deals available at the moment or long term rewards ?
Simons Moving Service has partnered itself with reputable self storage companies around Melbourne who offer great storing solutions for all applications.
Contact us to discuss your storage needs.

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