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Are you insured?
Yes. We have loading/unloading, transit & public liability cover.
We can email you a copy should you need it for your building manager.
“We break, We fix” Guarantee
In the unlikely event that we should break something, we will repair or replace the item to the value of $1000.
 We will not however be liable for boxes that haven’t been packed by Simons Moving Service staff or furniture that was already broken.
Will my furniture be protected on the move?
We carry a large stack of clean, blankets and secure your goods to the truck with ties and straps. But there is a lot more to making sure your goods arrive at their new destination safely.
Our experienced movers have been doing this for a long time and know that transporting furniture safely involves correct handling and maneuvering techniques, using the right tools, communicating clearly and effectively and working together as part of a team.
Can you give me an estimate?
We can give you an estimate over the phone based on your description of the nature of the move.
We recommend the 1/4 hourly rate system for a number of reasons.

  • Most estimates or quotes will add additional costs to cover unforeseen circumstances as moves can vary greatly.
  • Some removalists will under-quote or underestimate the move just to get the work. In this case you may get a better rate but could end up with a sub standard service.
  • We have found the hourly system to be the fairest method of charging for both parties.

How do you charge?
Within a 5km radius from the Melbourne GPO Box (Cbd) our charge begins upon our arrival at your home or office and stops when we have completed all requested tasks.  Beyond this zone, return time is added to the final cost.
Do your rates differ on weekends?
Yes. Since our staff members are full time professionals we do believe in paying them appropriately and therefore charge an additional 20% Saturdays and Sundays.
How much do you charge for deliveries?
This depends.  For single or a few items, price is worked out with access, nature of item and distance in mind.  You can either get a fixed price or an hourly rate for a number of deliveries. (This applies to interior designers, furniture retailers & antique dealers )
How do I pay?
We accept cash or direct deposit at the completion of the move.
How can I reduce my moving costs?
The best way is to plan ahead.  Begin weeks ahead by

  • Reducing the number of items to be moved by
    • Down size & de-clutter – get rid of all the things you no longer need or use by giving goods to charity, friends, relatives (, have a garage sale, sell your goods online (
    • Pack everything into boxes – its easier & faster  for removalists to handle boxed items rather than dealing with small odds & ends
    • Transport all the small things your able to yourself.
  • Organising parking for the removalist truck the night before
  • Dismantling beds, large items prior to the removalists arrival
  • Ensuring all paths are clear so the removalists can move swiftly in and out of the property.  Ensure children and pets are out of harms way whilst the movers are working.
  • Bring light items out to the truck

Yes you can. It’s a good way to keep your costs down as stated above. We only ask that you do not step into the truck for insurance reasons.  You can even bring friends to help.  Make sure you warm up before handling or lifting any items.  Bend the knees and keep your back straight when lifting or use trolleys.
Yes we do.  You can order them online (click here view & order your moving supplies) and have them delivered to your door within two working days.
Can you dismantle/re-assemble my beds, cots and other furniture?
Yes. We carry a full set of tools (drill, screw drivers, Allen keys etc.) to dismantle/reassemble your furniture.
I have a double door fridge and last time they had to take the doors off to get it through the house. Can you do this?
Yes we certainly can.
My bed/sofa is too big to go up the stairs can you bring it up through the balcony ?
We have hoisted many items over balconies. But safety is our main concern. Therefore we will assess the situation and only proceed if it is safe to do so. If you have doubts about the furniture fitting into the house, please make sure you have an alternate plan.
Do you provide a pre-pack/unpack and cleaning service?
We can help you pack or leave it all to our packing professionals.  By carefully wrapping and packing your belongings into moving boxes you can rest assured they will arrive to your new home safe and sound.
We do not provide a cleaning service but happily recommend a great green cleaning companies. Using products and processes that are easy on the environment and people.
When should I book?
The most popular days are Thursday to Saturday and these can sometimes be booked several weeks in advance.  Therefore we recommend you book as soon as you have finalised a moving date.
Call us to check availability and book. Planning your move early is the best way to avoid stress. Do a little bit everyday over a long period of time. And when the moving day is approaching you can rest assured that the majority of the tedious tasks have been taken care of.

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