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St Kilda to Elwood move


An amazing family

Last week our removalists had the pleasure of helping Claire, Warner and their family move from St Kilda West just down the road to Elwood.  We just had to give them a shout out in our rarely attended to blog.
Simons Moving crew gave them a pre-arrival call and were greeted by Warner upon arrival with car parks ready for our trucks.
After the formalities, the friendly couple led us through the house to see what was in store for the day.
Its a beautiful thing when you see all loose items packed into boxes, labelled, colour-coded to identify where items are to go and a map to go with it.  We definitely cannot forget to mention the efforts of the rest of the family that came to help out.  Grandmother, aunty, brother, sister, and other busy working bees were all getting stuck in.
The efficiency and speed with which they worked was like an orderly whirlwind with Claire at the helm.  Everyone knew what had to be done and how not to get in each others way.  An inspirational family unit.  They even helped bring items out to the truck.
Our movers were able to work efficiently and the two trucks were loaded in about two and half hours.
Just a little side note if you’re in St Kilda West – Claire mentioned a nice little cafe down the road called Cowderoys Dairy.  The boys went down and got a delicious lunch and coffee.  Fuz (one of the moving crew and ex barista) gave it the big thumbs up. (So it must be good)

Keys to a successful move

Get rid of stuff you don’t need or haven’t missed for the last six months – Be somewhat ruthless.
-Get packing early
Give yourself a week or two to pack.  Delegate family members to help or hire the services of professional packers if you want minimal disruption to your daily life.
-Label & colour-code  furniture and boxes
This makes it easy for you when you have to unpack everything and the movers won’t have to constantly ask where to place items.  Also mark fragile items and note if they are not to have items stacked on top of them.
-Keep paths clear
The furniture removalists will need access to certain items to stack the truck in an orderly fashion.  If possible place all boxes in one area close the where the removalists will have easy access to them.  Otherwise placing boxes in a corner of each room will also work.
-Leave the professionals to do their thing
As tempting as it may be at times to hover over your moving crew to make sure they are doing right by you, its best to choose a reputable service and leave them to it. If they are insured all you have to do is check the furniture at the destination.  If you feel you have been sent incompetent labourers call the head office and request a different crew.  Also send an email.
For more information on choosing the right service contact us to see how we can help.
PHONE: 0488 668 464

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Removalists in Carlton

Carlton movers working the glutes today.  Stairs at both ends had the legs pumping and the brow sweat dripping.

Good effort fellas.


Staff training and development is a huge part of running any business and we make it an important aspect of ours. At Simons Moving Service we constantly look for ways to improve operations in order to provide the best possible service. Its not just about movers showing up and moving your home or office. As well as being professional, we understand that personal touch goes a long way in making a move stress free.

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